Why we exist

If everyone in the industry was on the same page, all of our lives would be so much easier. So that’s our goal, getting everyone on the same page. Along the way we want to build products our customers love, systems that help our customer's businesses thrive and ultimately for their customers to enjoy the highest quality, complete service.

It’s this last group, the end user, that funds our whole industry so it makes sense to look after them like it’s everyone’s business. We believe in automation to reduce double entry, simplicity to drive usage and transparency to build trust. We believe in a united industry with everyone on the same page.

How we came to be

We hated doing the admin for our gardening business - so in 2012 we set about making it easy. From a calendar on our computer, the jobs would be written down into books and then back up onto the computer to be invoiced out through our accounting package. There was a lot of double entry and too much wasted time, we hated it. There had to be a better way.

Smartphones and 4G internet enabled us to create a system that reduced our admin to just a third. We figured if this is what we could do for our business, what could we do for the entire industry? This became our new focus. And here we are...