• 50/200/500/1000 jobs for each billing period in small/medium/large/extra large respectively.
  • The Calendar is a comprehensive system that allows you to easily keep track of all your day to day tasks.
  • The easy to use layout allows you to quickly drag-and-drop tasks to anywhere on the calendar you want. Or change the view from Week to Month at the click of a button. Allowing you to easily plan ahead.
  • A simple and easy to use search that will display the next visit for any job.
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  • Keep all your contacts in one place.
  • Dynamically updated by the contact if your contact is a user of SamePage.
  • Useful for emailing out quotes or getting an email address/phone number to contact a client.
For a detailed explanation of all features please see: Contacts Support
Job App
  • The Job App allows you to enter task details such as field notes, items used or start & finish times, through a Mobile/Tablet web browser.
  • Easy to use, near seamless navigation.
  • Ever wondered if there was an easier way to do invoicing? If yes then here it is, the date saved from the Job App can be invoiced via one of the linked online accounting packages or generated as an XML document that can be used in any spreadsheet program.
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  • 10/25/50 employees per billing cycle in medium/large/extra large respectively.
  • The Roster allows you to manage and keep track of your employees.
  • Ability to set whether an employee is confirmed, tentative, on holiday leave or off sick for each day, sets different colours for a quick reference.
  • Dynamic design works for PCs and Tablets.
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  • Avaliable in the medium, large and extra large packages.
  • With this Tool you have access to a calendar to save & organise upcoming quotes for better time management.
  • The Quoting Knowledge Bank is where you can add/edit pre-built solutions that will allow for a faster quoting process if you're constantly quoting for the generally same thing
  • Quoting Templates allows for extensive customisation of how the pdf should be formatted through the use of HTML, CSS and a range of potential varibles that can be used in each section. You can generate a test PDF with the click of a button to see how the PDF will look.
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