Because these days admin should be easy

What is workflow software? We'll show you in these 3 minute interactive demos.

See the seasonal calendar (Patent Pending)

It's easy to use

Running your business centres around your job calendar, so that's the centre of SamePage, the job calendar. The simple design and familiar calendar feel makes it easy to use - we'll show you how in the 3 minute interactive demo.

Support, support, support

We're here for you. On the phone, through email, in the support documentation and with the built-in training throughout the site. However you like to reach out, we'll be there because it's important to us that you get the best out of our software. When your business is going well, so is ours.

Any device, anytime, anywhere

Everything on SamePage runs through your browser so you can use it on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Mac, PC and any device with a browser. No one’s excluded and you can switch devices anytime. Plus there’s nothing to download and we’ll keep the software up to date for you. No IT guru required.

Your whole business on the same page

Quotes, job management, job data collection, job history, invoicing, roster, contacts, client portal and more. Everything you need to run your business on the same page means no more double entry, no more pen and paper and massive time savings.

Backed up and secure

All your data is backed up everyday and encrypted with an SSL certificate. In addition there are different permission levels for different users so you can set your staff access levels to suit your business. We take privacy and security very seriously so please read through our Privacy Policy and contact us if you have any further questions.

Won't drain your mobile data

Photos taken and uploaded through SamePage are reduced in file size from around 4mb to about 0.25mb while maintaining great quality - see in this photo what's possible when a 3.8mb photo is reduced to 0.26mb.

Connects to Saasu and Xero (with more to come)

Accounting packages available to small business these days are excellent, so SamePage is partnering with the best to bring you a seamless connection between your business management and accounting. Using an API we link our software to continue the flow of single data entry.

Keep your clients in the loop

Automatically your clients are updated as you work in SamePage. They can see when you’re next due, when you’ve been, photos, specific notes, scope of works, invoices (including paid status), contact details and more. And they can communicate with you by requesting tasks, posting photos, requesting quotes and more. Now everyone’s on the same page.

What the big companies are doing

O’Brien Glass have developed a business management system that utilises their smart phones and you can read all about the $2 Million system on The Australian’s website here. See the time and money savings they gained from putting away the pen and paper and adopting an all-in-one business management system.

How SamePage helped Pristine Properties

“We used to manage our jobs in Outlook’s calendar, write the job runs down in books, then put the collected job info back onto a computer to send out as invoices. That would take us 10 hours per week and now with SamePage it’s just 3 hours. We didn’t even have a system for quotes, just writing them up in Word but now we’re able to be proactive with our quoting and since using SamePage have started growing again - simply because we have time to.”