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How To Use

The data table shows all of the data entered for the job. You can enter/adjust field notes, invoice notes quickly and easily here as well as allow job photos to be viewed by the residents of the property.

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Job Data Table

Start Date Address Service Editable Notes This visit only notes Every Visit Notes Items Times Invoice
23-09-2021 10:35am 123 Example St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Gardening

Field Notes Edit Notes

We didn’t prune the Azaleas as they were still flowering.

Irrigation timer battery was changed.

Invoice Notes Edit Notes

Next Visit Notes Edit Notes

(done) Mow lawns
(not done) Prune Azaleas
(done) Shut gate before leaving
(done) Use the green waste bins
1 x Battery
4/4 hours used on 23-09-2021.
10:35AM to 12:35PM with 2 people